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In the bitter cold… in the vicious winds… in the harshest snow… only one hunter has the skill to survive. SKII TAVEE. Gifted beyond her years, she has become emboldened by her abilities. An unmatched prowess in tracking, stealth, and hunting has assured her status as an asset to The Grizz, the tribe of warrior nomads who have offered her amity. However, her fierce independence and remarkable aptness in the wild has given rise to an uncertainty: does she need them as much as they need her?

Find out in this exciting companion story that may be read either before or after Mortal Enemy - Legends of the Grim Reaper #1.

“Bold and wild! An adventure like I've never experienced before.”

- Katherine, Reader Review

“Finally, a hero I can relate to. Skii is badass yet vulnerable. A perfect combo.”

- Priya, Reader Review

“I can't get enough of Skii. I'd read anything with her in it, and I promise to never stop!”

- Ethan, Reader Review

The Novel

The Novella

Skii: Furious Heart is a story that will grip you from the very first moment, and not let go until the last. It is an exciting, mysterious, and whirlwind of a tale about the bonds of loyalty, duty, and allegiance—and what it means to sacrifice them all in the name of independence.

Come take your first steps into the snow. And trust Skii Tavee to be your guide.

The paperback is available for purchase online at Amazon and the digital eBook is available for free.

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